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What our clients say

I feel that I’m in a position to offer feedback on IT support services, having been in business since 1994.
There are several criteria which define a very good support service from just OK.

The ability of a support person to firstly listen to a customer relate an issue. Then act with utmost integrity, by being able to admit that they may not have an immediate answer, but will find out for certain and come back. The “did that solve the issue question” and “Knowledge of product” is of paramount importance, when business decisions may be made as a result of answers given.

If a support person feels isolated and unwilling to ask others for advice, then that’s something that should be identified and addressed, in any on-going employment reviews.

The service I receive from Citrus Computing, my IT support company, is a shining example of how it should be done.

I wanted to thank yourself and Jeremy for a job well done. For all sorts of reasons, our experience with computer companies have not always been painless and it makes a refreshing change to come across such a helpful and friendly company as Citrus Computing.

Your team, especially Jeremy has been excellent. Not only have you listened to us and understood our requirements they took every opportunity to ensure that the implementation went extremely smoothly. The training provided at your premises was excellent and having comprehensive training notes (my bible) to assist has been invaluable. So much so we didn’t hesitate asking you for the additional training courses offered outside our project and when we need more in the future we know we will get what we need.

All in all, we are very pleased to be working in partnership with Citrus Computing.